sweet-suicide-dreams said: ratchet hoes; oh ratchet hoes, everwhere on stardoll wearing no motherfucking clothes, damn hoes have eyes blacker than a ravens asse, and the colour of their skin -more golden than brass, wearing huge beanbags upon their head, how many diseased cats did you have to shred? please stop asking me do i want some skittles or oreos, I'd prefer to shove you up my my pet fishes asse, adios! and those fake moobs you make from hair, seriousley, you look like some type of a plastic deformed barbie bear.

a poem, titled, fuck yea girl

Anonymous said: you are the best person ever. :D slap down them hoes. insensitive bitches why should we care about their problems? they never cared about ours, they've always thought they were better then us, that they don't deserve to get put down, when they do it to us, EVERY. FUCKING. DAY. it doesn't matter if they're not on stardoll it happens in real life too. its the same fucking thing. SO ALL YA LITTLE PRINCESS BITCHES OUT THERE CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF BECAUSE WE AIN'T TAKEN YOUR SHIT.

oh snap shit going down. but yea thanks man lol

Anonymous said: Can I suggest haleyloveschic2? Tickle bear got deleted and Harley's new account is as ratchet as her first. also please do wildmusic4eva again.

im sorry but i do not put people on here twice, even if they’re as ratchet as ever

Anonymous said: I haven't seen your posts in a while. I miss them :(

i just posted 5 days ago? (which is a new improvement since like a 3 months hiatus lol)

Anonymous said: Is it just me or there are more ratchet people in parties or they call it 'chat' now.

there definitely is, i know people love to go in there to mess with them because they get so easily annoyed

Anonymous said: Aww thanks for featuring me. <3 and no I'm not hardcore I'm just a whore and satan is my dad.

i am satan and you are not my daughter

Anonymous said: what is your stardoll account because gurrll i totally got to be friends with you

its surender feel free to holla at me

Anonymous said: omg u r the best finally someone calling people on their bullshit lol love you dont let people ruin your day spread your wings you beautiful magastic unicorn

aw thank u ill be sure too xx